Shanghai Super Integrated Circuits Design Co.

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The People's Republic of China

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Super Integrated Circuits Design markets customized high driving capability CMOS IC for LED Display application. Company offers single chip solution for logic, mixed-signal and high drive current circuit with special CMOS technology, which utilize SICD strengths in CMOS device and process.

SICD is also moving to design support, multi-chip-project prototyping, LINUX design software support, LINUX support, Internet web page design and publishing business.

The company was formed in September 1998 by local and USA venture capital and located in Pu Dong New Developing Zone, East part of Shanghai , the People's Republic of China.

Integrated Circuit Design and Prototyping Service

SICD provides system-on-chip solution for customized high driving capability IC. Standard cell design support, Gate-array design support and these design related cell library information also available for the customers.

SICD also provides Multi-Chip-Project prototyping with SICD's standard cell /gate-array library support if customers need. The following process technology are available now for Multi-Chip-Project :

Technology STD Cell Gate-array Cell
3.0um CMOS logic logic
2.0um CMOS logic logic
1.2um CMOS with analog option logic logic
0.8um CMOS with analog option logic logic
0.6um CMOS with analog option logic logic

The following process technology available soon (cell lib available now)

Technology STD cell Gate-array Cell
0.50um CMOS logic logic
0.35um CMOS with analog option - logic
0.25um CMOS - logic
0.20um CMOS - June 1999
0.18um CMOS with analog and RF options, Cu Backend - Dec 1999


LINUX Design Software and LINUX Installation Service

Free design software under LINUX are available for small business and academic research. SICD will provide free copies but  installation and technical support are chargeable.

LINUX operating system, application software, networking service is available from SICD.

Internet web Page Design and Publishing Service

SICD has several high speed internet servers in United State with giga-byte hard disk space. Hard disk space provided for our customers to publish their web page. Web page design training and service are also available if customers need.